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Re: [xmlblaster] socket reconnect flood

Póka Balázs wrote:
Hi there,

2006-11-06 20:20:07,847 INFO [XmlBlaster.PingTimer]
(SocketConnection.java :180) - SSL client socket enabled for

I forgot to mention that you might notice by correlating the logs and the code, that there is no logging statement in this line. That is because I'm using log4j as logging framework, and wrote an adaptor class which translates java.util.logging log messages to log4j. Until recently I didn't get the code right and here it still displayed a lower stack frame with respect to where logging methods were really invoked from. I have corrected this tonight. If you need more exact, fine-grained logs, maybe with level set to FINER, I could update the deployed app and wait for the bug to happen again. It should be a few days max.

Hi again,

what is the current state with this issue?


Marcel Ruff