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Re: [xmlblaster] Expected Release Date

Jonathan Clark wrote:
Can you give me an estimate of the next expected release date? I'd like to include this change, but would
rather do it with one of the official releases. Thanks,
Currently we haven't scheduled a release, what are your time frames?

Michele: Any suggestion from your side?

>Hi all,
>the leak is now removed and the code is available in the current svn
>trunk. The leak was due to a change in the EventPlugin.
>Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Jonathan Clark wrote:
>> Marcel,
>> >> I'm trying to track down this specific memory leak change, but could
>> not identify it in svn through the date or the svn comments. Any help
>> would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
> The leak was somewhere introduced at
> #16357 EventPlugin notification when queue threshold is reached
> We added a possibility to trigger arbitrary events when queues run full.
> It was partly fixed some weeks ago and currently Michele does some
> final coding on this issue,
> regards,
> Marcel
>> >> Mon, 17 Sep 2007
>> Michele wrote:
>> Hi Marcel,
>> you are right, a cleanup is needed when shutting down the queue.
>> Ok, i have now commited the patch,
>> Balázs could you please verify?
>> thanks
>> Marcel
>> >> Jonathan Clark
>> Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
>> 757-546-3401
>> >
Jonathan Clark
Open Roads Consulting, Inc.

Marcel Ruff