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Re: [xmlblaster] Callback message queue fills up

David R Robison wrote:
Thanks, See in line...

Marcel Ruff wrote:
Hi David,

do you have a jconsole to observe the two nodes?
I don't have a jconsole, but can I get the same using the admin messages?
You can, but jconsole will save you (and me :-) a lot of time, - really - try to set up jconsole observation!

You need a JDK 1.5 or 1.6 to be installed on your production nodes
then you can just fire up the jconsole.
This is how I do it: If the production node is a Windows use RDP if it is a UNIX use nomachine (or X or VNC).

If you don't have grafical access to the production machines but you have ssh
access you can configure to tunnel the jconsole data over ssl and start
the jconsole locally on your desktop (no new security hole, just the existing ssh).
For ssh i can send you an example setup (private/public key exchange etc).

You need to configure the running xmlBlaster to allow jconsole access, see


-- Marcel Ruff http://www.xmlBlaster.org