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Re: [xmlblaster] Calling peek admin message?

David R Robison wrote:
Any idea of how to call this with two parameters? I am trying to call unSubscribeByIndex. Thanks, David
Hi David,

with our command syntax this is not possible, it was originally designed
to support properties only and was never further developed.

However it should be possible to access it with JMX (as jconsole is able to access it as well).

This works fine here (tested from command line of the running xmlBlaster server console):

j org.xmlBlaster:nodeClass=node,node="xmlBlaster_192_168_1_25_3412",clientClass=client,client="Subscriber",sessionClass=session,session="1"/action=usage

j org.xmlBlaster:nodeClass=node,node="xmlBlaster_192_168_1_25_3412",clientClass=client,client="Subscriber",sessionClass=session,session="1"/action=peekCallbackMessages?p1+int=1p2+java.lang.String='Hello'

Unfortunately your query i couldn't get to work:

j org.xmlBlaster:nodeClass=node,node="xmlBlaster_192_168_1_25_3412",clientClass=client,client="Subscriber",sessionClass=session,session="1"/action=unSubscribeByIndex?p1+int=1&p2+java.lang.String='Hello'

--> javax.management.AttributeNotFoundException: unSubscribeByIndex not accessible

I don't know yet why ...


David R Robison wrote:
Thanks. In case others are interested, the correct call was:

MsgUnit[] msgUnit = xmlBlaster.get("<key oid='__cmd:" + data.session + "/?peekCallbackMessages'/>", "<qos><querySpec type='QueueQuery'><![CDATA[100]]></querySpec></qos>");


Marcel Ruff wrote:
Hi David,

the way to query queues is described in

The notation you have described seems to be broken in the current xmlBlaster,
we need to check this,


David R Robison wrote:
How would I call the peek admin message? I am trying it as:

MsgUnit[] msgUnit = xmlBlaster.get("<key oid='__cmd:" + data.session + "/?peekCallbackMessages&50'/>", "<qos/>");

but getting the error

errorCode=resource.configuration message=#exported Error while SAX parsing :1:79 : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: The entity name must immediately follow the '&' in the entity reference.

any thoughts?

TNX David

Marcel Ruff