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[xmlblaster] History Queue Plugin Issue

I've run into a problem that I'm hoping you can help me on.  I've got 2 different kinds of topics that are being published on a given domain.  The first kind of topic is a heartbeat that is generated every 15 seconds by a plugin.  The oid on all of the heartbeat messages is the same.  The second kind of topic is generated by an external
client that generates messages based on outside input.  These topics have different oids although there are often several updates for a given oid.  The
problem that I've run into is that the 2nd kind of topic is supposed to be persistent, but the history queue is not getting written to the database.  In researching
the problem, I've found that the history queue is using the cache plugin for the first kind of topic, but is using the ram plugin for the second kind of topic
which is why it doesn't get written to the database.  However, I don't see anything in the configuration files that would indicate that these kind of topics would
use different plugins for the history queue.  Any thoughts on where to look?
Jonathan Clark
Open Roads Consulting, Inc.