xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

Package org.xmlBlaster.authentication.plugins.htpasswd

Class Summary
ClientPlugin Helper only for Java clients.
HtPasswd In xmlBlaster.properties add :

Changes: astelzl@avitech.de
There can be three cases for authentication: in xmlBlaster.properties the property Security.Server.Plugin.htpasswd.allowPartialUsername is true -> the user is authenticated with the right password and an username which begins with the specified username allowPartialUsername is false -> the user is just authenticated if the username and password in the password file exactly equals the specifications at connection to the xmlBlaster it is possible that the password file just contains a * instead of (username,password) tuples -> any username and password combination is authenticated Same if Security.Server.Plugin.htpasswd.secretfile=NONE

Changes: mr@marcelruff.info
Added simple authorization support.

Manager This security manager just implements the necessary interfaces and delegates login checks (authentication of a client) to LDAP.
SecurityQos Parse the security informations loginName and password from the login qos xml string:
Session This implements the session AND the subject interface in the same class and supports simple authorization.

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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