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Packages that use EraseKey
org.xmlBlaster.client This is the Java client side package. 

Uses of EraseKey in org.xmlBlaster.client

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client with parameters of type EraseKey
 EraseReturnQos[] XmlBlasterAccess.erase(EraseKey eraseKey, EraseQos eraseQos)
 EraseReturnQos[] I_XmlBlasterAccess.erase(EraseKey eraseKey, EraseQos eraseQos)

Uses of EraseKey in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg declared as EraseKey
private  EraseKey MsgQueueEraseEntry.eraseKey

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg that return EraseKey
 EraseKey MsgQueueEraseEntry.getEraseKey()

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg with parameters of type EraseKey
MsgQueueEraseEntry(Global glob, PriorityEnum priority, StorageId storageId, Timestamp timestamp, long sizeInBytes, EraseKey eraseKey, EraseQos eraseQos)
          For persistence recovery
MsgQueueEraseEntry(Global glob, StorageId storageId, EraseKey eraseKey, EraseQos eraseQos)
          Use this constructor if a new message object is fed by method erase().

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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