xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

Package org.xmlBlaster.jms

Interface Summary
I_StatusChangeListener I_StatusChangeListener Listens to changes of status of a particular object.

Class Summary
MessageHelper MessageHelper.
XBBytesMessage XBBytesMessage
XBConnection XBConnection holds the connections to xmlBlaster.Since this class serves as a factory for jms sessions, and since the mapping between sessions and connections is: <br/> <ul> <li><b>xmlBlaster</b>: 1 connection -> 1 session</li> <li><b>jms</b>: 1 connection -> n session</li> </ul> we need to map one jms connection (XBConnection) to multiple (n) xmlBlaster connections (one for each session).
XBConnectionConsumer XBConnectionConsumer
XBConnectionFactory XBConnectionFactory
XBConnectionMetaData XBConnectionMetaData
XBDestination XBTopic
XBMapMessage XBMapMessage
XBMessage XBMessage.
XBMessageConsumer XBMessageConsumer
XBMessageProducer XBMessageProducer
XBMsgEvent XBMsgEvent is a placeholder used to be passed from the update method of a specific MessageConsumer to the thread of control for asynchronous calls, which is the thread of the associated session (its run() method).
XBObjectMessage XBTextMessage
XBPropertyNames XBProviderSpecificProperties.
XBQueueBrowser XBQueueBrowser
XBQueueReceiver XBQueueReceiver
XBQueueSender XBQueueSender
XBQueueSession XBQueueSession
XBServerSession XBServerSession
XBServerSessionPool XBServerSessionPool
XBSession XBSession
XBStreamingMessage XBStreamingMessage.
XBStreamMessage XBStreamMessage
XBTemporaryQueue XBTemporaryQueue
XBTemporaryTopic XBTemporaryTopic
XBTextMessage XBTextMessage
XBTopicPublisher XBTopicPublisher
XBTopicSession XBTopicSession
XBTopicSubscriber XBTopicSubscriber

Exception Summary
XBException XBException

xmlBlaster 2.2.0 API

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