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Uses of SocketExecutor in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket

Subclasses of SocketExecutor in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket
 class SocketCallbackImpl
          Used for client to receive xmlBlaster callbacks over plain sockets.

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket declared as SocketExecutor
private  SocketExecutor SocketCallbackImpl.remoteLoginAsTunnelSocketExecutor

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.socket that return SocketExecutor
private  SocketExecutor SocketConnection.getCbReceiver()
          Access handle of callback server.
 SocketExecutor SocketCallbackImpl.getSocketExecutor()

Uses of SocketExecutor in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket

Subclasses of SocketExecutor in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket
 class HandleClient
          Holds one socket connection to a client and handles all requests from one client with plain socket messaging.
 class SocketCbConnection
          This instance establishes exactly one connection to a listening client side callback server.

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket declared as SocketExecutor
private  SocketExecutor CallbackSocketDriver.handler

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket that return SocketExecutor
 SocketExecutor CallbackSocketDriver.getHandler()

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.protocol.socket with parameters of type SocketExecutor
CallbackSocketDriver(java.lang.String loginName, SocketExecutor handler)
          This constructor is called when
1.on server side when the client arrives in HandleClient
2.the callback shall be tunneled through by the SAME SOCKET connection which the client already has established.

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