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Public Member Functions

 SecurityQos (org::xmlBlaster::util::Global &global, const std::string &loginName="", const std::string &password="", const std::string &pluginTypeVersion="")
loginName The authentication user ID

 SecurityQos (const SecurityQos &securityQos)
SecurityQosoperator= (const SecurityQos &securityQos)
std::string getPluginVersion () const
std::string getPluginType () const
void setUserId (const std::string &userId)
std::string getUserId () const
void setCredential (const std::string &cred)
cred The password

std::string getCredential () const
"" (empty std::string) (no password is delivered)

std::string toXml (const std::string &extraOffset="")
 Dump state of this object into a XML ASCII std::string.


class SecurityQosFactory

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file SecurityQos.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::SecurityQos ( org::xmlBlaster::util::Global global,
const std::string &  loginName = "",
const std::string &  password = "",
const std::string &  pluginTypeVersion = "" 

loginName The authentication user ID

passwd The password (for name/password based credential plugins)
pluginTypeVersion The authentication plugin to be used on server side, for example "htpasswd,1.0"

org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::SecurityQos ( const SecurityQos securityQos  ) 

Member Function Documentation

SecurityQos& org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::operator= ( const SecurityQos securityQos  ) 

std::string org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::getPluginVersion (  )  const

std::string org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::getPluginType (  )  const

void org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::setUserId ( const std::string &  userId  ) 

std::string org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::getUserId (  )  const

void org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::setCredential ( const std::string &  cred  ) 

cred The password

std::string org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::getCredential (  )  const

"" (empty std::string) (no password is delivered)

std::string org::xmlBlaster::authentication::SecurityQos::toXml ( const std::string &  extraOffset = ""  ) 

Dump state of this object into a XML ASCII std::string.

extraOffset indenting of tags for nice output
The xml representation

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SecurityQosFactory [friend]

Definition at line 29 of file SecurityQos.h.

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