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Public Member Functions

 UpdateKey (org::xmlBlaster::util::Global &global)
 Minimal constructor.
 UpdateKey (org::xmlBlaster::util::Global &global, const org::xmlBlaster::util::key::MsgKeyData &data)
 UpdateKey (const UpdateKey &key)
UpdateKeyoperator= (const UpdateKey &key)
bool isDeadMessage () const
 Test if oid is '__sys__deadMessage'.
bool isPluginInternal () const
 Messages starting with "_" are reserved for usage in plugins.
std::string getClientTags () const

Detailed Description

Definition at line 25 of file UpdateKey.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::UpdateKey ( org::xmlBlaster::util::Global global  ) 

Minimal constructor.

Definition at line 16 of file UpdateKey.cpp.

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::UpdateKey ( org::xmlBlaster::util::Global global,
const org::xmlBlaster::util::key::MsgKeyData data 

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::UpdateKey ( const UpdateKey key  ) 

Member Function Documentation

UpdateKey& org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::operator= ( const UpdateKey key  ) 

bool org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::isDeadMessage (  )  const

Test if oid is '__sys__deadMessage'.

Dead letters are unrecoverable lost messages, usually an administrator should subscribe to those messages.

This is an internal message (isInternal() returns true)

bool org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::isPluginInternal (  )  const

Messages starting with "_" are reserved for usage in plugins.

std::string org::xmlBlaster::client::key::UpdateKey::getClientTags (  )  const

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