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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Client recoonects after 1 hour...


can you find out if:

1. The server detects the interruption immediately or after one hour
2. The client detects the interruption immediately or after one hour
3. Is this on Windows or on Linux or on a UNIX?
4. Is the interruption of such a type that ifconfig / ipconfig notices a shutdown interface?

You could try to make a 'kill -3' to get a thread dump to find out what client & server
are doing during an interruption.


Matthew Sargent wrote:

We are running xmlBlaster 1.2 using SSL sockets and normal sockets. We use
persistent subscriptions and use the fail-safe setting to do a re-connect.

We are running into the following problem: After the client has been
connected to the server for a long period of time (as long as 1 week or
more) over the SSL socket  and there is a short connection interuption, it
takes about 1 hour to re-connect. If the interuption happens right after the
client has connected the reconnect happens immediately.

Has anyone seen this behaviour and does anybody have any suggestions on
where to look to fix it?