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Re: [xmlblaster] persistant connection

Hi eClaire (is that your name ?)

setting the connection qos to 'true' means your session becomes persistent but the connection is still not failsafe.

In order to keep the client connection when the server crashes you also have to use failsafe settings and a positive sessionId. More about these:


Kind regards

eClaire wrote:
I send a message yesterday but it didn't passed. Here it is:


I have some problem with xmlBlaster. I want to set a persistent connection and xmlBlaster shutdown the server:

WARN [MsgErrorHandler-/node/xmlBlaster_10_51_102_255_3412/client/madjonk/-2]
Callback server is lost, killing login session of client
XmlBlasterException errorCode=[communication.noConnection.dead]
serverSideException=true location=[CallbackCorbaDriver] message=[#1.0 CORBA
callback ping failed : org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT: Retries exceeded, couldn't
reconnect to  vmcid: 0x0  minor code: 0  completed: No] [See

I wrote this :

ConnectQos qos = new ConnectQos(glob);

I have 2 applications A and B. B have to be always connected. Application A send
message to B , and B return some results.
But it does'nt work. I have always the error message from xmlBlaster. Maybe it
is the wrong command. if someone can help me it will be nice !