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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster with HTTP

Thanks you for your answer , It seems that my university's firewall bloc the connection .

Marcel Ruff a écrit :
Zied ABID wrote:
I begin to work with xmlBlaster for my degree's Project, it will be deployed in a server under a firewall so 80 port with HTTP is open (or even HTTPS ) .
well, I have some quetions :
1) can I work with XmlRpc protocol already in xmlBlaster ? will I work with xmlBlaster servelet ?
If i understand you correctly: On 80 a web server (like apache,tomcat) is running.
You can't use our XmlRpc for this as in this case the XMLRPC server must be xmlBlaster itself (running on port 80 or 8080 ...).

If you want to use a servlet approach there are currently only two options a.f.a.i.k:

1) Using an applet
xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/http/appletproxy/README (servlet setup)
xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/client/protocol/http/applet/README (applet setup)
xmlBlaster/demo/http/applet (applet example)

2) Using a javascript client in a browser (xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/http/ajax/AjaxServlet.java)
Here you have the complete Ajax based xmlBlaster access.

In case you need a stand-alone java client with bi-directional communication you
need to code some lines yourself, probably the applet code is a good point to start.

About you questions below:
This works fine here:
java -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote org.xmlBlaster.Main
java HelloWorld3 -protocol XMLRPC
your configuration looks ok but i think the server names are somehow invalid,

best regards

2) using Socket protocol, I could change properties for clients like HelloWorld6 and the server in command line , but I don' work for xmlrpc :
for client :

// Change hard-coded the protocol and server lookup:
String[] args = { "-protocol", "XMLRPC",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/hostname", "server.xxx.zz",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/port", "8080", // I try with 8080 to not use root access
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/localHostname", "client.xxx.zz",
"-dispatch/connection/plugin/xmlrpc/localPort", "8080"

for server : the command line :
java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar -plugin/xmlrpc/port 8080

I had for client :

2008-03-06 15:31:08.909  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.xmlrpc.XmlRpcConnection init: Created 'XMLRPC' protocol plugin to connect to xmlBlaster server
2008-03-06 15:31:09.32  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.xmlrpc.XmlRpcConnection connectLowlevel: Created XmlRpc client to http://server.xxx.zz:8080/
2008-03-06 15:31:09.70  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DispatchConnection handleTransition: Connection 'XMLRPC' transition UNDEF -> ALIVE: Success, DispatchConnection-connection:client/abid_zie1204813867398 connected.
2008-03-06 15:31:09.192  INFO  10-main org.xmlBlaster.util.dispatch.DispatchManager switchToSyncMode: connection:client/abid_zie1204813867398: Switched to synchronous message delivery
2008-03-06 15:31:09.317 SEVERE  10-main javaclients.HelloWorld6 <init>: Houston, we have a problem: errorCode=user.configuration message=#exported Local host IP 'server.xxx.zz' for XMLRPC callback server is invalid: java.io.IOException: Cannot assign requested address
Success, hit a key to exit

( I can ping server.xxx.zz and client.xxx.zz )

So wan't wrong here ?

3) if, I want to add this properties in xmlBlaster.properties , how can I do it? I'll try to put lines like :

# after the line 87 : CbProtocolPlugin[XMLRPC][1.0]=org.xmlBlaster.protocol.xmlrpc.CallbackXmlRpcDriver

#test if proprities work for XmlRpc: plugin/xmlrpc/port=8080 plugin/xmlrpc/hostname=server.xxx.zz plugin/xmlrpc/localport=8080

I hope that isn't too much questions ... thanks for your time and your answers