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Packages that use MsgKeyData
org.xmlBlaster.client This is the Java client side package. 
org.xmlBlaster.engine The core implementation. 

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.client

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client with parameters of type MsgKeyData
private  PublishReturnQos XmlBlasterAccess.publishSingleChunk(MsgKeyData keyData, MsgQosData chunkQosData, byte[] buf, int length, boolean isLastChunk, long count, java.lang.Exception ex)
 PublishReturnQos[] XmlBlasterAccess.publishStream(java.io.InputStream is, MsgKeyData keyData, MsgQosData qosData, int maxBufSize, I_ReplaceContent contentReplacer)
 PublishReturnQos[] I_XmlBlasterAccess.publishStream(java.io.InputStream is, MsgKeyData keyData, MsgQosData qosData, int maxBufSize, I_ReplaceContent contentReplacer)
          Publishes one message in streaming manner, if the message content is too big to fit in one single chunk, the message is split in several smaller messages (called chunks) and these are published.

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.client.key

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.client.key declared as MsgKeyData
private  MsgKeyData PublishKey.msgKeyData
private  MsgKeyData GetReturnKey.msgKeyData
private  MsgKeyData UpdateKey.msgKeyData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.key that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData PublishKey.getData()
 MsgKeyData GetReturnKey.getData()
 MsgKeyData UpdateKey.getData()

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.client.key with parameters of type MsgKeyData
PublishKey(Global glob, MsgKeyData msgKeyData)
          Pass a pre filled data object.
UpdateKey(MsgKeyData keyData)

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.client.queuemsg that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData MsgQueuePublishEntry.getMsgKeyData()

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.engine

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.engine declared as MsgKeyData
private  MsgKeyData TopicHandler.msgKeyData
          This holds the quick parsed key information, if you need the DOM use xmlKey instead
private  MsgKeyData RequestBroker.xmlKeyLoginEvent
private  MsgKeyData RequestBroker.xmlKeyLogoutEvent
private  MsgKeyData RequestBroker.xmlKeyUserListEvent

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData TopicHandler.getMsgKeyData()
 MsgKeyData MsgUnitWrapper.getMsgKeyData()

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine with parameters of type MsgKeyData
private  void TopicHandler.administrativeInitialize(MsgKeyData msgKeyData, MsgQosData publishQos, PublishQosServer publishQosServer)
          Initialize the messageUnit cache and the history queue for this topic

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.event

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.event that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData PublishDestinationHelper.getPublishKey(java.lang.String summary, java.lang.String description, java.lang.String eventType, java.lang.String errorCode)

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.queuemsg

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.engine.queuemsg that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData ReferenceEntry.getMsgKeyData()
 MsgKeyData TopicEntry.getMsgKeyData()

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.jms

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.jms with parameters of type MsgKeyData
static XBMessage MessageHelper.convertFromMsgUnit(XBSession session, java.lang.String sender, MsgKeyData keyData, byte[] content, MsgQosData qosData)
          Used in the message consumer update method.

Uses of MsgKeyData in org.xmlBlaster.util.key

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util.key declared as MsgKeyData
private  MsgKeyData MsgKeySaxFactory.msgKeyData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.key that return MsgKeyData
 MsgKeyData I_MsgKeyFactory.readObject(java.lang.String xmlKey)
          Parses the given Key and returns a MsgKeyData holding the data.
 MsgKeyData MsgKeySaxFactory.readObject(java.lang.String xmlKey)
          Parses the given xml Key and returns a MsgKeyData holding the data.

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util.key with parameters of type MsgKeyData
 java.lang.String I_MsgKeyFactory.writeObject(MsgKeyData msgKeyData, java.lang.String extraOffset)
          Serialize the given data object.
 java.lang.String MsgKeySaxFactory.writeObject(MsgKeyData msgKeyData, java.lang.String extraOffset)
          Dump state of this object into a XML ASCII string.

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