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Packages that use QosData
org.xmlBlaster.util Java helper classes for server and client programming. 

Uses of QosData in org.xmlBlaster.authentication.plugins

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.authentication.plugins that return QosData
 QosData DataHolder.getQosData()
          Convenience method to access QoS of MsgUnit

Uses of QosData in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.engine.qos with parameters of type QosData
PublishQosServer(ServerScope glob, QosData msgQosData)
          Constructor which accepts parsed object.

Uses of QosData in org.xmlBlaster.util

Fields in org.xmlBlaster.util declared as QosData
private  QosData MsgUnit.qosData

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util that return QosData
 QosData MsgUnit.getQosData()
          The parsed QoS.

Methods in org.xmlBlaster.util with parameters of type QosData
 java.lang.String FileDumper.dumpMessage(KeyData keyData, byte[] content, QosData qosData)
 java.lang.String FileDumper.dumpMessage(KeyData keyData, byte[] content, QosData qosData, boolean verbose)
          Dump dead message to hard disk.

Constructors in org.xmlBlaster.util with parameters of type QosData
MsgUnit(KeyData key, byte[] content, QosData qos)
          Create a MsgUnit with pre-parsed parameters.
MsgUnit(MsgUnit old, KeyData key, byte[] content, QosData qos)
          Clone this message unit (but not the content).

Uses of QosData in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos

Subclasses of QosData in org.xmlBlaster.util.qos
 class ConnectQosData
          This class encapsulates the qos of a login() or connect().
 class DisconnectQosData
          This class encapsulates the qos of a logout() or disconnect()
 class MsgQosData
          Data container handling of publish() and update() quality of services.
 class QueryQosData
          Data container handling of query / access QoS.
 class StatusQosData
          Data container handling of status returned by subscribe(), unSubscribe(), erase() and ping().

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