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Packages that use I_StorageProblemNotifier

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore

Subinterfaces of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore
 interface I_Map
          The Interface which our persistent map and cache map must implement.

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.cache that implement I_StorageProblemNotifier
 class PersistenceCachePlugin
          Implements a random access message storage.

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.ram

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.engine.msgstore.ram that implement I_StorageProblemNotifier
 class MapPlugin
          Mapping messages in RAM only.

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue

Subinterfaces of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue
 interface I_Queue
          The Interface which all queues (persistent queues and cache queues) must implement.

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.cache

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.cache that implement I_StorageProblemNotifier
 class CacheQueueInterceptorPlugin
          Implements a queue cache.

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.jdbc

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.jdbc that implement I_StorageProblemNotifier
 class CommonTableDatabaseAccessor
          Delegate class which takes care of SQL specific stuff for the JdbcQueuePlugin class.
 class CommonTableDatabaseAccessorDelegate
 class JdbcConnectionPool
          A Pool of connections to the database to be used for a persistent queue.
 class JdbcQueue
          Persistence queue implementation on a DB based on JDBC.
 class JdbcQueueCommonTablePlugin
          Persistence queue implementation on a DB based on JDBC.
 class XBDatabaseAccessor
          Delegate class which takes care of SQL specific stuff for the JdbcQueuePlugin class.
 class XBDatabaseAccessorDelegate

Uses of I_StorageProblemNotifier in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.ram

Classes in org.xmlBlaster.util.queue.ram that implement I_StorageProblemNotifier
 class RamQueuePlugin
          Queueing messages in RAM only, sorted after priority and timestamp

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