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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Client recoonects after 1 hour...

You could try to make a 'kill -3' to get a thread dump to find out what
client & server
are doing during an interruption.
The server is still up and running fine (an servicing many other clients) so
I am not sure if a kill is a good idea - what would the windows equiv be for
that command?
In the DOS box it is 'Ctrl - Break'
All it does is to make a complete thread dump of the JVM, the java process will just
continue to run without harm.
But i don't know how to send the Ctrl-Break on Windows if xmlBlaster runs as a service
(does anybody know?? probably this helps: http://www.latenighthacking.com/projects/2003/sendSignal/)
You can look manually at the threads in 'jconsole' and under MBeans->org.xmlBlaster->heron-
you can add right of the 'Dump' attribute a file name and hit enter to get a dump into the given file.
But unfortunately the thread information there is not very informative.

If you can manage to switch on finer logging during such a situation (with jconsole)
sending the logs to me directly could be helpful as well,