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Public Member Functions

 PublishKey (org::xmlBlaster::util::Global &global, const std::string &oid="", const std::string &mime="", const std::string &mimeExt="")
 Minimal constructor.
 PublishKey (org::xmlBlaster::util::Global &global, const org::xmlBlaster::util::key::MsgKeyData &data)
 PublishKey (const PublishKey &key)
PublishKeyoperator= (const PublishKey &key)
void setDomain (const std::string &domain)
 Set the domain for this message, can be used for a simple grouping of messages to their master node with xmlBlaster clusters.
void setOid (const std::string &oid)
void setContentMime (const std::string &contentMime)
 Set mime type (syntax) of the message content.
void setContentMimeExtended (const std::string &contentMimeExtended)
 Some further specifying information of the content.
void setClientTags (const std::string &tags)
 Set client specific meta informations.

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file PublishKey.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::PublishKey ( org::xmlBlaster::util::Global global,
const std::string &  oid = "",
const std::string &  mime = "",
const std::string &  mimeExt = "" 

Minimal constructor.

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::PublishKey ( org::xmlBlaster::util::Global global,
const org::xmlBlaster::util::key::MsgKeyData data 

org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::PublishKey ( const PublishKey key  ) 

Member Function Documentation

PublishKey& org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::operator= ( const PublishKey key  ) 

void org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::setDomain ( const std::string &  domain  ) 

Set the domain for this message, can be used for a simple grouping of messages to their master node with xmlBlaster clusters.

The domain, any chosen std::string in your problem domain, e.g. "RUGBY" or "RADAR_TRACK" defaults to "" where the local xmlBlaster instance is the master of the message.
See also:
The cluster requirement

Referenced by PublishDemo::publish().

void org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::setOid ( const std::string &  oid  ) 

Referenced by TestEmptyContent::execute(), MultiConnectDemo::execute(), HelloWorld2::execute(), org::xmlBlaster::util::EmbeddedServer::stop(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestFailsafe::testFailsafe(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestGet::testGet(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testPublishCorbaMethods(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestKeys::testPublishKey(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestConnect::testPubSub(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestFailsafe::testReconnect(), and org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testSubscribeSpecificCallback().

void org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::setContentMime ( const std::string &  contentMime  ) 

Set mime type (syntax) of the message content.

The MIME type, for example "text/xml" in <key oid='' contentMime='text/xml'>
default is "text/plain" if not set
See also:
RFC1521 - MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)

Referenced by TestEmptyContent::execute(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestGet::testGet(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testPublishCorbaMethods(), and org::xmlBlaster::test::TestKeys::testPublishKey().

void org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::setContentMimeExtended ( const std::string &  contentMimeExtended  ) 

Some further specifying information of the content.

For example the application version number the document in the content.
You may use this attribute for you own purposes.

The MIME-extended info, for example
"Version 1.1" in <key oid='' contentMime='text/xml' contentMimeExtended='Version 1.1'>
or "" (empty std::string) if not known

Referenced by org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testPublishCorbaMethods(), and org::xmlBlaster::test::TestKeys::testPublishKey().

void org::xmlBlaster::client::key::PublishKey::setClientTags ( const std::string &  tags  ) 

Set client specific meta informations.

May be used to integrate your application tags, for example:

<key oid='4711' contentMime='text/xml'>
   <AGENT id='' subId='1' type='generic'>
      <DRIVER id='FileProof' pollingFreq='10'>
str Your tags in ASCII XML syntax

Referenced by PublishDemo::publish(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSubXPath::testInitial(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testPublishCorbaMethods(), org::xmlBlaster::test::TestKeys::testPublishKey(), and org::xmlBlaster::test::TestSub::testPublishSTLMethods().

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